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System Requirements

This document describes the minimum system requirements for using the SmartClinix Telemedicine platform.

OS Compatibility for Web and Mobile

The details of supported Operating Systems are described below

Operating Systems latern专业破解版安卓最新版 Versions
Windows Yes 7+
Mac Yes 10.11+
iOS Yes 13+
Android Yes 安卓免费fq软件
Browser Compatibility for Web and Mobile

The following browser is supported.

Web Browser 安卓免费fq软件
Chrome (Download) Yes
Network Bandwidth Requirements

The telemedicine module of SmartClinix enables video conferencing among multiple users and therefore require certain standard internet bandwidth specifications. The quality of the video service depends upon the available bandwidth as explained below.

Video Streaming Requirements
Excellent 4 Mbps Down/Receive
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Good 400 Kbps -2 Mbps Down/Receive
latern专业破解版安卓最新版 250-400 Kbps Down/Receive
Low fq软件安卓
Bad (Audio Only) mxfq app下载|Xposde mxfq软件下载v1.0.1.5525 安卓版_ 绿色资源网:2021年9月26日 - Xposde mxfq软件功能特色 QQ基本聊天 包括表情、图片(包括gif)、文字等. 聊天消息历史记录. 聊天最近会话记录. 好友/群/讨论组 列表搜索 悬浮窗通知提...